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Off the Grid. On the Road. Out of Options.

Synopsis: The agoraphic victim of a home invasion takes to the road in the shelter of a mobile home. she encounters others that live off the grid including a self-reliant man who reawakens her trust, but someone from her past returns to threaten her new found freedom.

This project will combine the quirky indie spirit of a road movie with the genre elements of an adrenaline-infused thriller. It will feature backroad Americana and the natural beauty of Pennsylvania. It is also an opportunity to explore many unique and relavant subcultures. The main character interacts with a diverse community of people who live off the grid lifestyles.

We are a dedicated and professional team of independent filmmakers who are interested in collaborating with innovative businesses and creative individiuals to produce a captivating feature film.

Kelly Stettenbauer

Writer & Director
Jake Stetler

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