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Discovering You's Big Give

Pet Pantry of Lancaster County

Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is in need of:
· Unopened Dog & Cat Dry/Canned Food (Any Brand)***
· Kitty Litter (Any Brand)
· Food & Water Bowls (metal preferred)
· Leashes & Collars
· Cat and Dog Toys
· Dog and Cat Beds
· Monetary Donations
· Scotch Tape
· 5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets with lids (clean and dry)
· Copy Paper
· Paper Towels
· Gently Used Towels and Blankets***
· Pet Carriers/Crates
· Kitten Milk Replacement Formula***
· Cat Scratching Posts
· 13 Gallon Trash Bags

Thank you!
Visit the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County Wish List on Amazon.

Change Purse
By collecting and selling donated purses, Change Purse raises money to help victims of sex trafficking.

Change Purse encourages hope through raising awareness and by investing into the lives of victims and survivors of sex trafficking.

877.411.0587  Twitter  Facebook

· shop for purses · give funds · donate purses · volunteer your time · host an event · collect purses

Church World Services was chosen as Discovering You's Big Give recipient for Christmas 2016. Since 1946, this organization has been helping immigrants and refugees to build their lives and become independent productive members of society and are one of the organizations that has a tangible needs list (besides money) that allows people to buy gifts.If you'd like to join us in giving, you can view their Household Item Donation List. (This is a PDF file. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here). Thank you.

screen capture of video

The Facebook video on Lancaster's historical legacy as a refugee or Sanctuary city and the role of Church World Services was originally posted here with the kind permission of news/media website The Outline.